Selfies and cultural events. Nuestra presentación en AOIR17


Hemos estado presentando una parte de nuestra investigación en el congreso AOIR 2017 organizado por  la Asociación de investigadores de Internet (AOIR) en Tartu, Estonia, del 18 al 21 de octubre de 2017. Formamos parte de un panel metodológico, especialmente centrado en el análisis de redes sociales.




In this paper we present some of the results obtained from two events occurred in Barcelona in 2016: the music festival Primavera Sound and the Barcelona Games World convention. They are very different events indeed, which allowed us to compare the performances of fieldwork with Instagram data analysis. Regarding the Primavera Sound event, we collected data from our scraper for 24 hours during the first day of the festival (01/06/2016) monitoring the official tag for the event: #primaverasound2016 and capturing a total of 1.760 posts that formed our sample. On the other hand, we conducted ethnographic fieldwork during 7 hours, organized in different groups, doing participant observation with a total of 12 interviews.  In our presentation delve into more details and results related to this event, which will be complemented with the work conducted during Barcelona Games World 2016. This is an event related to video games industries and cultures and we reproduced there the same methodology using the data scraper during 24 hours (07/10/2016) monitoring the official tag: #bcngamesworld. We got a smaller sample (719 posts) and also the ethnographic fieldwork (4 hours) was also smaller in scale, performing 3 interviews with younger pariticipants (compared to Primavera Sound). 

Regarding the mixed methodological approach, engaging a synchronic research (coincident in time the automatic data extraction and the ethnographic fieldwork) has allowed to detect, for instance, that fieldwork in the bcn games world suggested that selfies and personal images would not be significant but the data extraction showed us just the contrary. In the other sense, fieldwork at primavera sound was extremely useful in terms of contextualizing our quantitative data.  So we conclude that the mixed method approach in a specific timeframe has been useful and can be expanded in further research a and in a way.



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